vbmassage1Swedish Massage $120 ( 1 hour ) The standard massage incorporates long, firm strokes and relaxing of the muscles. This massage helps reduce tension, the circulation, and induce relaxation. The Swedish Massage is recommended the for first-time massage client.


Aromatherapy Massage $130 ( 1 hour )
Combines the nurturing and relaxing powers of touch with the powerful sense of smell. Aromatherapy is a 10,000 year-old art. The natural essential oils used in aromatherapy are extracted from plants, woods, roots, seeds and flowers. Each oil contains individual benefits to which the body and mind respond. Relaxes, tones, purifies and energizes the body.


Brunette getting a back massage in the spa salonDeep Tissue Sculpting $130 (1 hour )
Massage into the muscle insertions as well as the belly to release deeply held tension that affect muscle functioning and posture. This includes myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy.




Craniosacral Therapy $120 ( 1 hour )                                                                                A subtle modality that promotes very deep inner stillness and relaxation. It can help release the stored trauma of accident injury. This massage will unwind energy patterns that are draining the body of vitality, creating discomfort and physical symptoms. Wear comfortable clothing for this massage.


Pregnancy Massage $120 (1 hour )
Pregnancy massage is very gentle and effective. It helps relieve common pregnancy discomforts and promotes wellbeing for the mother and baby. Any modalities can be customized into this massage.



hot stone

Hot Stone Therapy $150 ( 1 hour )
Smooth heated stones (some chilled stones are used to address inflamed areas) strategically placed throughout your body. The combination of heat and rhythmic pressure stimulates circulation promoting the release of tension and balance.