Born and trained in France,  Joëlle Ottow has worked in prestigious salons in Geneva, Amsterdam and the French Riviera where she acquired strong expertise in the skin care industry.   She founded Votre Beauté Day Spa and Cosmétiques in 1987.  Constantly being ten steps ahead,Votre Beauté has always been the first to introduce the newest in all techniques.  Joëlle’s gentle touch, excellent extraction skills and extensive skin care knowledge enables her to deliver the ultimate Spa experience.





Jessica Kosanovich has been a licensed esthetician since 2004. She was first hired at Votre Beauté in 2001 where she soon developed her passion for skin care. Shortly after being hired she attended Boutique Beauty College of El Cajon to earn her license. For the past ten years she has been fortunate to be mentored by Joëlle. Jessica incorporates her gentle touch to meet each client’s specific needs.







SuzeAs Votre Beauté’s massage therapist, Suze brings decades of experience, training, and practice in the healing arts to her table.  Her signature massage session is a multi modality approach that include European/Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Reiki, Trigger Point therapy, Myofascial release, Acupressure, Thai massage, and Yoga.  How these techniques are integrated depends on the client’s needs and requests and Suze’s strong intuitive sense of what will bring good results. Suze is state and nationally certified as a massage and bodywork professional. She’s certified as a yoga instructor and yoga therapist and holds a BS in Sociology/Psychology.  Suze was trained at the New York College of Health Professionals and practiced in New York, Connecticut, Washington, and Texas before moving to San Diego in 2007.